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 Industrial Wastewater Specialists

Hydramech is passionate about wastewater and has over a decade of experience in the Marlborough winery wastewater sector. Through close observations, monitoring and design improvements over the years, we can offer design, engineering and construction of your commercial wastewater project. No job is too large or too small.  
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Winery & Industrial Wastewater

Winery wastewater is one of the most challenging waste streams known worldwide due to its volatile nature. This is due to the aggressive and abrupt influent loads during the harvest period. Hydramech has developed and designed systems that effectively cope with these volatile changes and will provide a satisfactory effluent for your business.

Wastewater Systems

Our systems range from simplified pre-treatment systems through to fully automated treatment plants for B.O.D reduction, solids reduction, solids removal, screening, de-watering, pH adjustment, activated sludge return, effluent irrigation odour, process control and automation. Each site has unique differences which greatly affect the design from one plant to another. These include land application areas/rates, footprint availability, budget and potential growth factors.

We Can Help

Let us help you with the construction of your treatment plant, which will enable you to concentrate on your manufacturing goals rather than spending valuable resources on the disposal side of your business.

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