Hydramech Ltd Marlborough Plumbing Projects

Hydramech Ltd has undertaken a diverse range of plumbing service projects across the Marlborough region. Working with the industry’s leading builders and construction managers and also in the role as head contractor where required, Hydramech Ltd has completed a number of complex installations. 

Past Clients

Drylands Estate Blenheim, Constellation Group — Hydramech has been involved in a large percentage of the piped services on this site for Connell Wagner.

Indevin Ltd — 20,000 tonne - Hydramech has been involved as design and build in all piped services and plant install.

Mud House Canterbury — Full design and build of mechanical services for approx 2000 tonne.

St Clair — Full design and build for 4000 tonne.

Whitehaven Wines — Hydramech has been involved since Whitehaven’s infancy to the 5000 tonne facility it is now

Framingham Wines — Our first design and build project. 1400 tonne.

The Ned — This is certainly our flagship winery. We were asked to push design concepts to new levels. The result is something to be proud of for many years to come. 10,000 Tonne.

The Crossings, Connell Wagner — Full piped services and plumbing approximately 2000 tonne.

Sugar Loaf Wines — We have helped get this small but growing winery's services up to modern standards with tank heating and cooling.

Giesen Wines — Involved in all stages of growth for this approx 8000 tonne facility.
Delegats — Proud to be involved in the initial build of this Marlborough facility for Transfield Worley.

Marlborough Vintners — 7000 tonne facility where we have been involved with plant and piped services throughout their growth.

Vavasour Wines — For the last two years we have helped this facility grow by adding around 1000 tonne.

Awatere River Wine Company — A recent design and build for around 2000 tonne.

Highfield Estate — Re-piped the project to bring design specifications up to scratch.

Grant Burge (Australia) — 2009 we completed a small install of Fusiotherm pipework for chilled Glycol as a test piece.

Fromm Winery — Complete design and build of cooling system.

Villa Maria — We have been involved in a few projects with cold water and waste plant upgrades on the Blenheim site.

Mount Riely Wines — Involved with design and build from the beginning until the 3000 tonne facility they are today.

Corner 50 Winery Hawkes Bay, Constellation Group —Installed Piped services for a major upgrade on this site.
Indevin Hawkes Bay - Apollo Projects Ltd — Engaged in the full design and build, 4000 tonne.

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